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About Me

Taking the stress out of children's photography:

Jamie strives to take the stress out of children’s photography by offering a relaxed atmosphere that caters to children. Typically, she books 1½ hours to work with your child or children to get the best photos possible. This leaves plenty of time for burping, changing clothes, feeding and play time if needed.


Making it easy on parents:

As a photographer for 26 years and a mother of two, Jamie has learned some tricks that bring out the best in children. Many customers leave the session stating that the photography session was actually a fun experience.


What not to expect at Marshall Memories:

The things that often drive parent's nuts during a "typical" photo session do not exist at Marshall Memories. No lines, no waiting, no putting your little one on a small table waiting for them to smile, no “on the spot decisions” to make, no high-pressure sales presentations and most importantly no rushing! Instead, it will be a calm atmosphere focusing on bringing the best out of your child.


What to expect at Marshall Memories:

"Making moments into memories" is the goal of the business. Jamie works with parents to make that special image of their child that will trigger memories for a lifetime. It may be your child's special smile, dimple, first taste of cake frosting, sleeping in daddy's arms, first steps, picking flowers, what ever it may be it can be made. Some of the shots will be traditional, but many will have a journalistic style that will focus on the little things that you will want to remember for a lifetime.


The result promises to be memorable!

Two days after the session, you will be able to see your images online. Using a password your friends and family can also view the images and order directly from me.